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Start Up Launching Services

Start Up Pre-Launch Consultation

We live in a time that you can be as small...or as big as you want to be! In our initial consultation with you our main goal is to align the vision of what you want to achieve with your new business. During our initial consultation we will:

  • Identify Your Business Vision

  • Taking Inventory of What You Know And What You Need to Learn

  • Develop an Action Plan

  • Discuss Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Networking in Today's Hyperconnected and Disconnected World

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Start Up Services

After we complete your pre-launch assessment, we will move and complete the process of getting your new venture off the ground and generating profit immediately. Those services include:

  • Business Ideation

  • Competition Analysis

  • Start-Up Funding

  • Location Selection

  • Business Structuring

  • Branding

  • Employee Compensation Planning

  • Start-Up Pricing Strategy

  • Business Registration (local/state/federal)

  • Permits and Licensing

  • Accounting Systems Selection & Integration

  • Business Insurance

  • Start-Up Website Development

  • Social Media

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies & Tools

  • Business Email Set Up

  • Deliver Marketing Strategies that Attract Your Ideal Customers

  • Develop Practices for Exceptional Customer Service

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