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Marketing and Sales Optimization

Business & Customer Intelligence • Digital Marketing • Sales Coaching & Performance Management

Marketing and sales is about projecting something people want, that is compelling enough for people to purchase what you have to offer - and keep them coming back for more! Everything from your logo, your unique brand, pricing, etc. falls under that simple premise. Your success today is a result of how well you delivered that message and satisfied your fans. But what about tomorrow? Business processes and societal norms are constantly evolving. All of us need the right mix of products and services, marketing tools and strategies, supported with modern sales coaching/practice/motivation & accountability to remain relevant to our clients and potent enough to bring in new converts.


From the very beginning of our first call together, we make it a priority to begin formulating an action plan immersed in best practices that we continually refine and deliver to our clients. Whether you decide to hire us or not, we begin working for you. It's just part of how we Smash our competition (through great collaboration in a gentle, non-violent, Smashy way)!

Get more traffic online and offline, customer interaction, and client buy-in with one or more of our tools and services. Smash Marketing and Sales Optimization features include:

  • Generative AI solutions

  • Automated Cold Lead Revenue Recovery

  • Sales Coaching (1 on 1, virtual, onsite, small and large group)

  • Social Media Management

  • Custom Employee Motivation Tools 

  • Online Advertising

  • Reputation & Reviews Management

  • Tracking and Analysis

  • Local & Regional Listings

  • Email/Voice/SMS Marketing

Web Design and Development

Whether you need a new web, site redesign, boxed or custom solution - you have come to the right place.

We stand ready to hear all about your vision, needs, wants, and what you can't live without on your website. What are you waiting for, let's connect and get started today! 

Mobile & App Solutions

Many of your prospects will connect with you on a mobile device first. Don’t let it be the last time.


First impressions count, especially in today’s fast paced, convince me now, environment. Without the right persuasive momentum, they will simply click away. Click below and connect with us today. You will be glad you did!

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