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Educating and Empowering Entrepreneurs

From March 2020 - December 2021 45% - 69% of small businesses across the United States closed, and many will never open again. 90% of all businesses worldwide are small. They are the backbone of a thriving economy. To counter what has transpired, this is our contribution:

Smash Digital Media® is the home of BizCorpz®,  an immersive business coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs. As students leave the classroom, they shouldn't be saddled with debt, let alone have their dreams of business ownership defeated by a lack of working capital. That's where the promise of BizCorpz® comes in. Combining the lure and empowerment of e-play, then on to a robust, real world learning environment, culminating in a competition where everyone that persists to the end of the program wins access to the executive suite, and for some, beyond as the next generation of business owners with working capital to start a business - are some of the ultimate goals of our BizCorpz® program. Students need the expertise, resources, creativity, and commitment to propel them to greater successes, beyond the employee narrative.


To learn more about the exciting things we are doing in education, email and label your subject line "Partners in Education".

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